The world is frozen and quiet. Little moves out there in the snow or across the lake. We’re just trying to heat up everyone’s lives a big right? Even starving, dying people need entertainment. Need someone to love, need something to help them forget.

Some turn to the ICE.
Some turn to the island, a steaming metal behemoth jutting out of the lake and always bathed in electric light. how the hell they pull that off… amy runs her crew hard out there, but she treats you fair and nobody disrespects amy’s crew.
Some turn to the tunnels, a maze of ice-melted tunnels and shells of buried buildings from before. Gangs here been vying for control for years but old man kartak seems to have the upper hand these days. So much so that he gave up his club to try and run the whole place.
Some ride with the gangs on the wastes, lala and her gang come and go, following the flow of ICE and the smell of scavenge across the lake.
Many though just want to forget. Lose themselves in a place of sex, drugs, song or spectacle. It’s in one of these places where we begin. A place called Francois’.

Apocalypse World: ICE